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President's Welcome

Aryemis Brown reads the DPhil in International Relations at Somerville College. He holds a coaching badge with advanced certifications from England Touch. He is also a qualified FIT Europe referee.

Welcome to the Oxford University Touch Rugby Club! 

September 1, 2023


Dear Touchies, 


A very warm welcome to the Oxford University Touch Rugby Club (OUTRC)! I am pleased you found our website. Whether you are a student, community member, or visitor, this is a great place to learn more about our club, our teams, and our sport. Explore its pages, find answers to your questions, and get a sense of what makes our club so special. For the most up-to-date information, including our term card and membership information, please join our Facebook Group

The 2022-2023 season was one for the history books! We saw Oxford compete in the inaugural BUCS championship and win national trophies. We received nominations for the Oxford University Sport Awards, including student coach of the year, teammate of the year, and sporting moment of the year. Thanks to the rich past and bright future of our sport, Oxford University elevated Touch Rugby to independent club status. You can watch the end of season video here. With this momentum, there is so much hope and potential for the new year. 


The 2023-2024 season is very promising. We will continue to compete in the BUCS championship, as well as look for a clean sweep in the Varsity matches against Cambridge. Our exceptional head coach, Gus, and his captains, Aidan and Linn-Anita, updated our training programme to reach a high performance standard: competitive excellence and joy of sport are our goals. From socials to team-bonding activities, you can also expect an active and engaging life beyond the pitch. I am particularly excited to launch the year with laser tag and our start of season brunch. 


What's more, we will continue to build and cultivate a culture of kindness, belonging, and team spirit. A healthy and positive culture is most important to us; more important than any win on the pitch. Our wonderful vice-president, Ava, will lead this important institutional work -- with the help of our welfare officer, Alice, and social secretary, Celeste -- but this is the awesome responsibility of every club member. This statement is not lip service. I challenge every club member to learn their teammates' names and stories, to offer visible gestures of support and encouragement, and to discourage behaviours to the contrary. With strong character, the score will take care of itself. 


In line with our code of conduct, we have zero tolerance for behaviour that undermines the dignity and respect of any person. I am especially wary of unsafe actions, microaggressions, exclusion, and short tempers. Instead, it is our firm expectation that every member will positively contribute to and improve the lives of their fellow teammates. One easy way to do this is to create space for others: ask questions and show interest in their answers. I'll briefly draw your attention to other club governance documents, including our constitution, safety policy, complaints protocol, and committee roles by-laws. General information about our club's structure is available on the About page. 

Diversity and inclusion are signs of a good culture. In our club, you will find players from around the world: postgraduates and undergraduates; national champions and novices. We welcome all people, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, nationality, or social class. Our common values and commitment to our team connect us. We care for one another. In this spirit, let me take a moment to share Oxford's welfare resources. Your health and happiness are very important. After all, the mission of our club is to expand and brighten your time at Oxford. 

To our newcomers, a special welcome! I picked up this sport at Freshers' Fair during my first year--never having touched a rugby ball. I wish you the same joy, friendship, and excitement I have experienced these past two years. I encourage you to peek at the Coach's Corner for a quick introduction. However, there is no better way to get acquainted than to play. Do come along to one of our developmental training sessions. 


Touch Rugby is a sport for all. The main excelling factor is your effort and attitude. It is a place for you to be yourself--freely, boldly, and joyfully. It is a warm community that welcomes you and to which you will belong. You will have fun, make friends, and create fond memories. As we celebrate our past, in all its traditions and lineage, know this: the club is now yours, to shepherd its legacy and to write its future. The best way to do this is to be a good teammate. Please do read our Portrait of a Teammate below, which outlines our club's values and player aims. 

I look forward to seeing you on the pitch. Do get in touch with your questions. Our leadership team, Ava and Gus; our executive committee, Aymeric and Jack; our committee members; our senior players; and our club members stand ready to support you in any way we can! 


Have a wonderful day. 


Best wishes, 

Aryemis Brown


Portrait of a Teammate

Our theme this year is to be a good teammate. Learn more about our portrait of a teammate here

Portrait of a Teammate (OUTRC)
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